Some Passengers and Crew on the Last Voyage

To date, primary archival records (actual colonial records) support only the presence of the Cogswell family, William Furber, and Samuel Haines. The remaining people are derived from material in family genealogies, that I choose to include with reservations, in lieu of any contradicting information. In the following list, ages are in parentheses, family members are bulleted.

Andrews, possibly Robert Andrews
Bailey, John: John, Jr. & Joanna
Blaesdell, Ralph (42), Elizabeth (wife): Henry (3)
Bradbury, Thomas
Burnham, John
Burnham, Thomas (16)
Burnham, Robert (11)
Cogswell, John, Elizabeth (wife):
• William (16)
• John, Jr, (12)
• Edward (6)
• Mary (16)
• Abigail
• Hannah
• Sarah
• Elizabeth
Furber, William (21)
Haines, Samuel (33)
Hook, William
Simpson, Henry
Tuttle, John (17)

One secondary publication credits a William Tarbox with a deposition, actually given by William Furber in the 1670s, about being on the ship. Since the original exists, with William Furber's name, without further evidence it is best to assume that the inclusion of William Tarbox would be a mistake.